Elon Musk’s Latest Attempt To Get Twitter To Make Money Exposes Him As A Hypocrite

I really get the sense that Elon Musk is just trying anything he can to get Twitter to make money. And I truly mean anything. Here’s his latest gambit: Publishers will be able to charge you to read articles on Twitter:

So what he’s doing is he’s allowing publishers to create paywalls to their content. Which is fine I guess as newspapers have been doing that for some time. The thing is, I was under the impression that Elon was anti paywall based on this:

That Tweet didn’t age well, seeing as it was posted a year ago. But it’s clear that Elon’s anti-paywall until he needs Twitter to make money. Then it’s paywall all the things.

What a hypocrite.

And I haven’t even mentioned the elephant in the room. Which is if anyone will actually pay for this. I don’t think so, but as always I am free to be surprised. Though when it comes to Twitter, the only thing that surprises me is how badly Elon has failed at running Twitter.

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