Twitter’s Latest #Fail Is That Desktop Users Were Being Logged Out Without Warning During The Met Gala

In another sign that Twitter is continuing its death spiral, there are reports that just before the Met Gala, Twitter users were being logged out of Twitter without warning:

Twitter appeared to suffer another glitch on Monday, as desktop users reported being repeatedly logged out of the platform.

Downdetector, which lets users self-report issues, peaked at 4,143 reports just after 4 p.m. ET – a couple hours before celebrities arrived on the red carpet for the Met Gala. The amount of problem reports didn’t return to normal until just after midnight.

“It seems less than ideal that Twitter is logging people out who use the service on desktop during the Met Gala, a traditionally high-traffic event for the platform,” New York Times technology reporter Ryan Mac tweeted.

Ryan Mac later put this out:

Mac later reported that the outage was caused by “a bad front-end deployment,” meaning Twitter staff tried to release a visual change to the platform’s interface but its release caused unintended problems.

“[Elon] Musk sent an internal email earlier noting that though development is going fast ‘system reliability should always be paramount,'” he added.

Maybe Elon needs more developers? Like the ones that he mass fired? As that might have mitigated the fact that his minions broke the site because he likely ordered something to be rushed into production. Or perhaps he needs more resiliency seeing as he cut back on that last Christmas? I’m just spitballing here because it’s likely not coincidental that Twitter decides to take a dirt nap every time there’s a high traffic event. It’s clear that Twitter has lots of issues that Elon can’t fix. Which means that the clock that is headed to Twitter’s eventual demise is still headed towards zero.

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