Twitter Let Graphic Images From A Mass Shooting Spread Online… WTF?

Twitter’s latest crisis is one that I suspect that Elon’s going to have to answer for sooner rather than later. The crisis in question stems from a mass shooting in Texas over the weekend that resulted in nine deaths, including the gunman. According to Reuters, a graphic 10-second video from the scene was floating around the social media site:

A graphic 10-second video was circulating on Twitter on Saturday, showing several dead bodies slumped against a planter and white wall bearing the sign of retailer H&M. 

At least one of the victims, lifeless and bloody, appears to be a young child. Reuters was able to verify the video was taken at the mall where the shooting took place.

In past shootings, social media sites have worked to take down links to such graphic images. An emailed request for comment to Twitter, which no longer has a communications team, returned an automated reply with a poop emoji.

This is really unacceptable by any standard. And it illustrates the fact that Elon Musk has changed Twitter to such a degree under is faux “free speech” mantra that he’s made this sort of thing acceptable. Elon needs to answer for this and I hope that he gets hauled in front of Congress to explain himself. Or, what would be better is that what advertisers are left on Twitter dump the platform to deprive him of the cash he desperately needs.

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