Approov Secures Genopets Mobile Gaming App To Block Cheaters

Approov, the end-to-end mobile app security provider, today added Genopets, developer of a free-to-play mobile pet care game, to its growing user base while stopping cheaters from spoiling the fun.

The Genopets mobile pet care game lets players care for their digital pet while caring for themselves. The game uses step data from a player’s mobile device to power their journey in the game as they explore, battle, and evolve their Genopets — earning crypto while they play.

Genopets’ innovative and popular game attracted hackers and cheaters trying to use its APIs to manipulate data on the backend to gain unfair advantage of the game, spoiling the fun for players who played by the rules.

It selected Approov to protect its API resources from abuse and ensure that every request to its backend originated from its authentic app and an authentic mobile device.

Genopets users appreciate that Genopets take security seriously – both to protect users’ personal information at all times and to protect game fairness.

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