Review: Spigen Rugged Armour Card Holder For MagSafe

When I go out for a training ride on my new road bike, I try to carry as little as possible. Specifically, my house keys, my iPhone 14 Pro, and a couple of pieces of ID. Up until this point I was using this Ekster MagSafe wallet to carry my ID. But the problem is that it is leather, and leather and sweat are not a good combination. So I wanted another option that was more compatible with doing an activity that involved sweat. Thus after some hunting around, I found this:

This is the Spigen Rugged Armour Card Holder For MagSafe. It holds two cards and is made of a silicone like material.

You can get a better look at that material here with a pair of cards inserted into the card holder. The fact that it is made of silicone means that sweat will not be an issue. The company says that it holds two cards, and they are right as I attempted to sneak my VISA card into the card holder on top of two other cards and it wouldn’t fit. But that’s still fine as I only need to take my drivers license and health card with me when I ride. I’ll also mention that if you have other Spigen gear, the faux carbon fibre motif fits in with their cases and the like. That way you can be all “matchy matchy” as my wife would say.

On the back you’ll note that there are two pads on the bottom. They are made of some sort of material that is tacky. And that is what makes this card holder work. When put directly onto an iPhone or onto a MagSafe case like this one, it stays solidly on the back of the iPhone or case. That’s another win for me as I have always been concerned about a card holder like this coming off my phone and being lost someplace on a bike ride. In my opinion, that’s less likely to happen with this card holder.

The Spigen Rugged Armour Card Holder For MagSafe goes for $39 USD and I would really take a good look at it if you want a card holder that is guaranteed to stay on your phone no matter what, and is made of a material that is more durable than leather.

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