Review: Otofly iPhone 14 Pro Silicone Case

The iPhone 15 might be about to ship on Friday, but I have an iPhone 14 Pro case to talk about. This one is from Otofly and it’s their iPhone 14 Pro Silicone case, which to be fair is available for other phones such as the iPhone 15 Pro as well. I got a black and a green one from Otofly that I’ll use to illustrate the key features of this case:

The outside of the case is made of silicone that is very grippy. The inside has a microfibre lining that makes sure that your phone doesn’t get scratched. The only thing I would point out is that silicone can pick up the oils on your fingers, as evidenced by the black case. But given the fact that this case was comfortable to hold in my hand and doesn’t pick up lint in your pockets, as well as not adding any bulk, that’s far from being a deal breaker.

The case provides good protection for your camera so that lenses don’t get scratched. You can also see the sleep/wake button which has a pretty decent feel when you click it. As do the other buttons on the case.

The speaker grills and the Lightning port are the only things exposed on the bottom.

As for the most important part which is the screen, it works with screen protectors and provides a bit of a lip so that screen doesn’t touch the table if you lay your phone face down.

As for drop protection, I am going to guess that if you drop your phone in this case from say three feet, it will be fine. Dropping your phone from something above that height might be an issue. But having said that, you’re likely getting this case to express your individuality as there are 25 colours available. The only thing that is close to negative that I have to say about this case is that it lacks MagSafe. That was a bit of an issue for me as I have a couple of MagSafe accessories that I use on a regular basis. One is this MagSafe charger which worked mostly fine as it had just enough magnetic strength to stick to the charger and charge my iPhone, and the other being this MagSafe wallet which wouldn’t stick to this case at all. Having MagSafe would have been the cherry on top of the sundae so to speak as this is otherwise a very good case. Especially given that it is $18.99 on Otofly’s website. I’d be giving this case a look if you want a good quality case that’s easy to hold and offers some amount of drop protection.

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