Digital Transformation Critical to Overcoming Roadblocks: Procore

Today Procore Technologies released its construction industry benchmark report, How We Build Now: Technology and industry trends shaping Canadian construction in 2023

The survey was conducted by independent research company Censuswide. A total of 502 construction decision-makers and influencers across Canada participated in the report. 

How We Build Now examines the general sentiment of the industry on issues including the labour shortage, the supply chain, digital transformation, sustainability in construction, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 
Construction firms in Canada understand that digital transformation is required to overcome the labour shortage: 22 per cent of construction businesses consider themselves a digital-first business and 51 per cent are ‘well on the way’ to adopting digital formats and workflows. Construction decision makers recognize that technology provides benefits, particularly around resource efficiency through less rework, an enemy of sustainability. The survey shows 27 per cent of the total time spent on a project is spent on rework or rectifying issues. Other findings: 

  • Almost half of all projects go over budget (50%) and over schedule (49%) according to respondents
  • Over 30 per cent of respondents identify needing new technology to improve operational efficiency and cost controls amid economic volatility
  • Paper remains a common medium for Canadian construction decision makers. About a quarter of respondents (23-28%, depending on the workflow) still use paper-based records or non-digital processes as part of their workflows 

According to the report, the industry realizes the value of data yet they are not able to leverage it to the fullest. 

  • 41 per cent of respondents feel that they would be able to make better decisions if they had better access to real-time and historic information on project performance. 
  • Respondents believe they could save up to 12 per cent of their total spending on projects if they captured, integrated and standardized data more efficiently

The full report can be found here:

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