Reddit Has A New Problem… Minecraft Makers Ditch Reddit

Steve Huffman must be rethinking his life choices at this point as his problems with the API protests that he started are growing. Today’s problem is that the makers of Minecraft have decided to ditch Reddit for greener pastures:

The makers of the popular game Minecraft say they will no longer share official content on Reddit following the changes being pushed through by the site’s management.


Now it seems Mojang—the Microsoft-owned developer of Minecraft—is siding with the strikers. “As you have no doubt heard by now, Reddit management introduced changes recently that have led to rule and moderation changes across many subreddits,” reads a post made by Mojang’s Java Tech Lead.

“Because of these changes, we no longer feel that Reddit is an appropriate place to post official content or refer our players to.”

Mojang previously used to post technical detail such as game changelogs to Reddit, which list new features or bug fixes made during game updates. Mojang is now encouraging players to instead visit the Minecraft feedback site or pay attention to other social media channels.

Minecraft’s popularity is sure to make this a big story. Which means that this will be a big headache for Steve Huffman. The question is how Huffman will react to this. That will be interesting to watch as he doesn’t come across as a very rational person.

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