Reddit Has A New Ugly Icon… If You Don’t Like It You Need To Pay Them To Change It… WTF?

I am not sure what Reddit CEO Steve Huffman and company are smoking over at Reddit. But whatever it is, it clearly is affecting their judgement. Let me illustrate this by showing you the Reddit icon that showed up on my iPhone a day or so ago:

This does not appeal to me in any way shape or form. What makes it works is if you go into the settings for the Reddit app and choose “Change app icon”:

You’ll notice that the majority of icon options have locks. That’s because Reddit wants you to get a premium subscription to change the icon for the Reddit app. I am 100% certain that nobody will pay Reddit $79.99 a year of $8.99 on iPhone to change the app icon. That’s just simply ludicrous. And it also has a Elon Musk feel of desperation. Because if you’re charging people to change the icon of an app, you really have lost the plot as I don’t know a single person on this planet who would do that.

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