Inside Out Launches Freemium Platform For Privilege Abuse Risks

 Inside-Out Defense, the cybersecurity industry’s first platform to solve privilege abuse, today announced the availability of the freemium version of the company’s platform. The freemium version provides IT staff with a complete view of the user footprint across their organizations. This view of all users is called an identity catalog, including user personas and entitlements across all systems, infrastructure, applications, and user activities, providing the context of users internally and externally.  Inside-Out Defense creates its identity catalog by monitoring activities within a company’s infrastructure and applications to determine users and actions instead of relying on directory information. Recently, Inside-Out Defense was named by Chief Security Officer Magazine as One of the Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2023

Inside-Out Defense is a SaaS platform providing agentless privilege abuse detection and remediation. The platform supports all environments and applications and is built for ‘Continuous Validation of Trust’. The platform interoperates with and complements existing Identity Access Management (IAM), Privilege Access Management (PAM), and custom identity solutions. Inside-Out Defense identifies the gaps between known and unknown abuse leveraging its patented AI technology “HoneyCombe Polygraph Mesh,” which, through its proprietary LLMs and finetuning techniques, not only tracks each user activity but also monitors the adjacent user behaviors to derive/infer and deterministically flag malicious user intent,  thereby stopping privilege abuse in real-time and at scale. 

Key Features:

  • The free trial offer is valid for a ten-day trial period.
  • In the free trial, organizations can create an all-encompassing identity catalog for their organization, including users and identities across all systems, environments, and applications, even those not contained in the organization’s directory services. The identity catalog will also include all users different personas and entitlements.
  • The identity catalog is a valuable tool for enabling IT staff to audit privilege levels currently granted and identify ‘disconnected identities’ that may be operating outside the organization’s IAM and PAM systems, a typical hacker attack vector.
  • Customers can upgrade to a paid version to enable real-time detection and remediation of privilege abuses.
  • Inside-Out Defense hopes to increase awareness of the lurking dangers that privilege abuse presents. The identity catalog provided in Inside-Out Defense’s freemium trial offers real-time visualization of users and their entitlements, enabling IT staff to review identities and privileges across their organizations in detail.
  • The Inside-Out Defense freemium trial is a simple and easy-to-implement solution. Customers can request access and seamlessly connect their applications and environments to the Inside-Out Defense platform. IT staff can quickly visualize their identity catalog, including the context of users, their activity footprint, and behaviors. 

 Inside-Out Defense features beyond the identity catalog enable customers to detect and remediate hidden and emerging day zero privilege abuses, visualize the user forensics in real-time, and define/enforce policy guardrails that will be gated for the paid version. 

For more information on the Freemium version, please email Inside-Out Defense at:

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