The r/law Subreddit Bans Links To Twitter

You might recall that Elon Musk stepped in to reinstate the Twitter account of someone who posted child porn. Well, Elon’s decision to do that has knock on effects. And in a move that I suspect is a sign of things to come, r/law, a popular subreddit about the law announced last week that it was completely banning links to Twitter:

Since Musk took control of Twitter, he mostly eliminated the Trust and Safety group and stopped paying the vendor that scans for CSAM. As a result, CSAM (child sexual abuse material) has apparently been circulating on Twitter recently (from what I’ve read elsewhere, the same notorious video that the feds found on Josh Duggar’s hard drive).

Musk also recently reinstated the account of someone who posted CSAM content.

As a result, we’ll be removing any content here that leads to Twitter, or, as he now calls it, X. Whether it’s an embed link or a direct link to a tweet. Don’t care what outlet is doing it. If you’re a reporter or editor, stop embedding links to Twitter in any of your content.

DO NOT: Under any circumstances post any link that leads directly to CSAM. We will ban you immediately and report you to the admins. If it looks like you broke the law—which borders on strict liability for this stuff—we will do everything in our power to report you to the feds and send you to jail.

What they’re basically suggesting is that the media, such as yours truly, stop embedding links to Twitter. At least in r/law. The problem with that is that I can see this sort of thing spreading to other places on Reddit. And then other places outside of Reddit. I’m not sure that this is a viable course of action. Though I can see why one might take that course of action. Because Elon by not going after posters of child porn made Twitter the Wild West where you might become collateral damage if you post something that you didn’t completely sanity check. This is another one of those things that illustrates why you should leave Twitter if you haven’t already.

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