Radiant Logic Recognized as a Representative Vendor in 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Identity Governance and Administration

Radiant Logic, the Identity Data Fabric company, today announces its inclusion as a Representative Vendor in the recently released Gartner Market Guide for Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). Together with its expertise in complex identity environments, and its recent acquisition of Brainwave GRC’s advanced identity analytics capabilities, Radiant Logic is uniquely positioned as an operationally mature IGA solution.  

Designed to help security and risk management leaders understand IGA capabilities and future trends when making decisions for their organization, the Gartner Market Guide for Identity Governance and Administration recommends leaders “choose IGA solutions which align with identity-first security principles that apply context, continuity and consistency to manage identity sprawl.” 

Radiant Logic’s identity-first approach unifies information from disparate sources across legacy and cloud infrastructures to stop identity sprawl and create an authoritative data pipeline that drives: Zero Trust Architecture; merger and acquisition integrations or divestitures; cloud migration initiatives; workforce and customer identity and access management; directory modernization efforts; and more. 

With the acquisition of Brainwave GRC, and powered by years of expertise in data delivery, RadiantOne now delivers advanced analytics and insights into real-time user behavior within an enterprise environment, transforming how organizations detect and prevent cyberattacks, fraudulent activity, lateral movement from insider threats, and more. 

Gartner states: “By 2026, the analytics functionality in IGA tools will advance, and those organizations that have fully adopted and implemented AI/ML-based IGA analytics will see their access administration and governance costs 50% lower than their peers.” The report also recommends that SRM leaders “Accelerate the realization of business value from IGA investments by selecting IGA solutions with strong IGA analytics capabilities, implementing these capabilities, and measuring outcomes using outcome-driven metrics.” 

Radiant Logic’s analytics-driven governance capabilities leverage RadiantOne’s expertise in accessing and managing identity data for admin and access decisions. With the integration of Brainwave GRC, Radiant Logic offers advanced controls to ensure policies conform to principles of Segregation of Duties and Zero Trust principles. Only Radiant Logic combines the best of full-suite IGA with the ease-of-use of IGA light, making it the solution for IGA that works.   

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