Cyber-Attacks Targeting Government Agencies Have Increased By 40%

Cyber-attacks against government and public sector services rose 40% last quarter, according to BlackBerry Cybersecurity’s 2nd Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report published this week. The report claimed they stopped 1.5 million attacks from March to May of this year, 55,000 of which targeted government and public sectors.


90 days –Blocked over 1.5 million attacks

  • Approximately 11.5 attacks /minute.
  • Roughly 1.7 novel malware samples /minute
  • A 13% increase from the previous reporting period

Most targeted industries – Healthcare, Financial and Government services with information-stealing malware, or infostealers

Remote access increases cyber risk 

  • Rise of mobile banking malware targeting digital and mobile banking
  • Growing availability of commodity malware
  • Increase in Ransomware attacks

Researchers confirmed that the five most frequently used tactics were in the categories of discovery and defense evasion “demonstrating that attackers are diversifying their tooling in an attempt to bypass defensive controls, especially those legacy solutions based on signatures and hashes,” reads the report.Attacks during this period were predominantly focused on North America by groups such as LockBit, BlackByte and of course Clops MOVEit supply chain attacks.

George McGregor, VP, Approov had this to say:  

“This is another report which shows the increasing sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks.   “Although the geographic data in the report may reflect more the deployment of the Blackberry solutions, the conclusions that healthcare, financial services and government services are a primary focus for attackers does resonate with our own research as does the growth of discovery techniques. Specifically, we are increasingly seeing bad actors harvesting useful information from mobile apps for use in subsequent attacks.”

Governments are prime targets for threat actors. Hopefully that sector is doing everything possible to protect themselves from threats that are clearly out there.

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