IPv4.Global Hits $1 Billion Milestone for IPv4 Sales

IPv4.Global, the world’s largest, most-trusted and transparent IPv4 marketplace, today announced it reached $1 billion in IPv4 address sales. 

Of the five Regional Internet Registries responsible for distributing IP addresses, most have run out of IPv4 addresses. However, there remains a robust global demand for IPv4 addresses, especially by growing networks. These assets, which rarely appear on balance sheets or asset schedules, have become a source of cash for organizations in all sectors with unused blocks of addresses.

IPv4.Global’s success and momentum in the field is a direct result of its transparent marketplace, which is the most comprehensive in the industry and the only one to publicly publish the current pricing of IPv4 blocks traded on its platform. IPv4.Global’s recent first half of 2023 trends report highlighted current pricing and trends that impacted the market. While the analysis suggests stable to rising prices in 2023 for large blocks, small blockprices have been falling. Increased and increasing worldwide volumes support the thesis that prices will rise. 

The company’s $1B transfer milestone can also be linked to the skills of the dedicated IPv4.Global team. The company’s transfer agents are well versed in navigating the complexity of IPv4 transfers and make the potentially onerous process fast and seamless for both buyers and sellers. This expertise was recently recognized by ARIN, who named IPv4.Global as one of the few companies to meet the rigorous requirements for its Qualified Facilitator Status

The company’s technical expertise also means that it can help rehabilitate the reputation of IP blocks previously hijacked by spammers. It also offers a free audit tool, ReView, that allows network operators and administrators to gain visibility of their IP address usage quickly and easily, and more effectively manage their records. 

IPv4.Global customers have also benefitted from the fact that the company is backed by Hilco Streambank – which has multiple options for financing the acquisition, sale, or leasing of IPv4 addresses. 

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