ABC Partially Dumps Twitter Saying Its Too Toxic

Twitter (I refuse to call it X because that’s such a stupid name for an online platform) has taken it’s latest body blow as Australian public broadcaster ABC has partially dumped them in epic fashion:

The ABC is shutting down almost all of its official accounts on Twitter – now known as X under Elon Musk’s ownership – citing “toxic interactions”, cost and better interaction with ABC content on other social media platforms.

There will only be four remaining official accounts for Australia’s public broadcaster: @abcnews, @abcsport, @abcchinese and the master @abcaustralia account. ABC Chinese reaches Chinese-speaking audiences on X.“

Starting from today, other ABC accounts will be discontinued,” the ABC managing director, David Anderson, has told staff.

Instead of adapting to the new atmosphere Musk has created, the ABC will now push their content on other sites like Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. Which you know will really make Elon Musk mad. But the thing is that when you’ve done the sort of damage that Elon has, you can’t be shocked when organizations say “enough is enough” and bail in whole or in part. And this move is likely to spur other news organizations to do the same thing. All of which will continue the death spiral that Twitter is in because it will lessen the value and relevance of Twitter. Leaving Elon unable to make money from it and further highlighting how incompetent Elon is.

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