Google Canada commits $2.5 million to NPower Canada 

Today, Google Canada announced a $2.5 million commitment to NPower Canada, unlocking the opportunity to offer 5,000 needs-based scholarships to underserved job-seekers across Canada, to gain the skills required to access careers in tech.

The grant enables NPower Canada to integrate and deliver Google Career Certificates in both English and French as a core component of its workforce development programs. has been supporting NPower Canada since 2020, and prior to today, Google has committed close to $5 million to NPower Canada, which has helped over 4,000 underserved and financially barriered job seekers enroll in NPower Canada’s scholarship-based programs.

Here’s two examples of people who benefitted from this initiative:

  • Olena Kotelnykova, Financial Clerk, the Town of Berwick- Berwick,Nova Scotia: Olena graduated from NPower Canada’s Junior IT Analyst program in January 2023 after making the difficult decision to migrate to Canada to escape the war in Ukraine. After arriving in Canada, she discovered NPower’s program which gave her the skills and experience to secure a role as a Financial Clerk at the Town of Berwick within three months of participating. The program not only gave her the expertise, but provided her with a strong community to lean on as she built her new life in Canada.
  • Han Hyung Lee, Customer Account Specialist, Shaw Communications – Vancouver, British Columbia: Originally from Hong Kong and seeking new opportunities overseas, Han struggled to land a job despite his previous experience. This inspired him to enroll in the program with NPower Canada. With guidance, he was able to overcome barriers in his job search and integrate himself into the IT community in Vancouver. Han graduated from NPower’s Junior IT Analyst Program with a Google IT Support Professional Certificate that helped him land a role as a Customer Account Specialist with Shaw Communications. 

 More information can be found in Google’s press release and blog post.

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