Google’s Messages App Now Defaults To RCS In Latest Move To Replace SMS

Google has announced it’s making its Messages by Google app more secure by making RCS the default for both new and existing Messages app users and end-to-end encryption for group chats is now also fully available to all RCS users.   “RCS is the modern industry standard for dynamic and secure messaging.  And now, all of your RCS conversations in Messages by Google are end-to-end encrypted, including group chats, which keeps them private between you and the people you’re messaging,” Google says.  With RCS enabled, users can take advantage of more advanced messaging features similar to those iMessage users have, like: 

  • Sharing high-res photos and videos 
  • See typing indicators  
  • Get read receipts 
  • Send messages over mobile data and Wi-Fi 
  • Rename, edit and remove themselves from group chats 
  • Use end-to-end encryption 

 Since rolling out RCS to U.S. Android users in 2019, Google has been pressuring Apple to adopt the technology in iMessage by launching a website to explain why RCS benefits consumers, but Apple has expressed in court filings, it has no interest in making a version of iMessage for Android. 

Ted Miracco, CEO, Approov Mobile Security had this to say:   

“Securing the mobile ecosystem is an important focus for both Google and Apple. RCS helps the Android ecosystem by adding some important security features that can help mitigate phishing messages, such as encryption and verified sender information. However, no messaging platform, including iMessage, is completely immune to phishing attempts. It’s still important for users to be cautious and exercise good judgment when interacting with messages. A more secure mobile environment is in everyone’s best interest, so we support this move by Google.”

I’m pretty sure that Apple doesn’t support this move as they have no need to do so. We’ll see how this latest move by Google works out.

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