Review: Infinity Loops The Geometric Prepster Apple Watch Band

Last week I reviewed a titanium watch band for the Apple Watch Ultra from Infinity Loops. If you missed that review, you can read it here. Today I am reviewing another one of their bands. The band in question is The Geometric Prepster. An interesting name for an interesting looking band:

While I do have an interest in Apple Watch bands, I don’t recall ever seeing a band that looks like this. And I’m not talking just about the design of the band which is unique and has a bit of a retro vibe being a woven band with a very interesting pattern. Now if this pattern doesn’t work for you, there are 9 others to chose from. The other side of the band is made of leather which is stiff when you get it, but will loosen up over time. That should make the band very comfortable to wear.

All the lugs and the other metal hardware is not only top shelf in terms of quality, but they don’t have any play in them. And all the stitching is well done with no loose threads or anything like that. There’s nothing at all to complain about when it comes to the quality of the band. My only complaint has nothing to do with the band as such. My wife has tiny wrists, and as a result even with the band on the very last hole that the band offers, this band is too loose for her. The reason why that is an issue for her is loose fitting Apple Watches deliver inaccurate health data such as heart rate tracking. I provided this feedback to Infinity Loops and they will “update the description so the size is immediately available.” Given that my wife is a bit of an “edge case” it’s great that Infinity Loops is willing to do that.

The Geometric Prepster goes for $48 CAD and I’d recommend to all but those with wrists like my wife’s. It’s a quality band that has a unique look from my perspective. Which means that it will attract positive attention wherever you go.

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