Review: Infinity Loops Apple Watch Ultra Titanium Link Bracelet

While my wife and I were in France on vacation, we were contacted by Infinity Loops offering us a couple of Apple Watch band to do a review on them. After having a look at the website, we decided to say yes to this request and in short order we had two bands were headed in our direction. Today’s review is of their Apple Watch Ultra Titanium Link Bracelet. At $122 Canadian for the band, is it a good option for Ultra owners (and owners of other Apple Watches as it’s also available in sizes to fit any Apple Watch)? Let’s dive in and find out.

The band arrives in a box like this with no markings on it other than the Infinity Loops logo. And inside you’ll see the band:

The entire band is wrapped in plastic. Which is a good thing as titanium has a tendency to collect light surface scratches easily. The first question that I had was if this was really titanium. To answer that, I took a magnet to it because titanium isn’t magnetic. Thus a magnet should not stick to it if it is titanium. From what I can tell, the links are titanium and part of the clasp is made of stainless steel as the magnet stuck to the underside of the clasp, but didn’t stick anywhere else. Speaking of the clasp, it has two buttons on the side to unlock the strap. And overall, it looks almost exactly like the Apple Link Bracelet which is stainless steel and costs a lot more than the Infinity Loops offering. Speaking of the Apple Link Bracelet, Infinity Loop “borrowed” one of the best features of the Apple offering:

There are buttons on the back of the band that allows you to size it for your wrist without requiring tools or a visit to your local jewelry store to pay someone to do it for you. I had mine perfectly sized inside of five minutes of getting it delivered to me by Canada Post. As for weight, I compared it to a stainless steel link bracelet of the same size and same design. It was about 5 grams lighter than that at 69 grams versus 74 grams for the stainless steel link bracelet.

As you can see, it more or less matches the shade of titanium on the Apple Watch Ultra. And it feels comfortable. And as I type this, no stray hairs have been caught in this band which is a common thing with bands such as this one. My only advice to you is if you resize the band, make sure all the links are snapped in place. I didn’t do that and the band came apart the first time I put it on after I put it on. The build quality is also excellent as I couldn’t find anything that I would call out as an issue. Especially with the lugs which fit as well as a stock Apple Watch band.

So, is the Infinity Loops Apple Watch Ultra Titanium Link Bracelet worth it at $122 CDN? I would say so without hesitation. This is a very good option for those who don’t want to spend the cash on Apple’s offering, or some other similar offerings that cost less than what Apple has to offer, but cost more than this band. But they want something more upscale for the Apple Watch. Be it the Ultra or some other model. I’m pretty happy with this band and it will be in my rotation of bands going forward. And I am sure that if you get one, you’ll be happy with it as well.

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