The CEO Of Zoom Says You Can’t Get Anything Done On Zoom…. WTF?

From the “what a hypocrite” department comes a leaked all hands meeting with Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said this:

“Quite often, you come up with great ideas, but when we are all on Zoom, it’s really hard,” Zoom CEO Eric Yuan told workers during an August 3rd meeting. “We cannot have a great conversation. We cannot debate each other well because everyone tends to be very friendly when you join a Zoom call.

“Besides the idea that innovation is better fostered in person, Yuan said office work is important because it builds trust among employees.

“Trust is a foundation for everything,” he said. “Without trust, we will be slow.”

So let me get this straight. Yuan claims that you work better in person versus on Zoom. Despite the fact that he’s the CEO of Zoom who made remote work a “thing” during the pandemic. That blows my mind and I have to wonder how anyone at Zoom can sell Zoom licenses with a straight face now that this is out there.

Now I have plenty of clients who are remote working and not only has the world not imploded, they’re thriving. So in short, he’s wrong and I have to wonder how many people at Zoom are currently looking for other jobs because of Yuan’s stance.

UPDATE: Allen Drennan, Co-Founder & Principal, Cordoniq had this comment:

“Instead of trying to use generic or legacy conferencing products, businesses should be investing in immersive solutions that integrate into their workflow and have the elements and touch-points that allow their distributed workforce to interact in a way that is the same as being in the office.”

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