There’s A New Email #Scam Involving YouPorn Making The Rounds

There’s a new scam that I have to admit I didn’t see coming. This one involves porn site YouPorn and it claims via an email that you have uploaded a video of yourself and you have to pay to get it removed. Here’s the email that you get:

Now there one thing that is different about this scam:

It actually comes from a email address to make you think that it is legitimate. But it’s likely been spoofed so it’s not legitimate. The email then claims to allow you to remove the video for free, but when you click on the link it opens up the home page of your browser. Then it offered several paid options to remove said video. Otherwise, the video will go live onto the site in seven days. Clearly this scam email isn’t convincing as when I checked the Bitcoin address that is used for this scam hasn’t received any money. But as I have always said, scams don’t have to be successful in volume to be successful. Thus don’t help these threat actors to be successful.

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