Google Says That Privacy Sandbox Has Reached General Availability On Web

Today, Google announced a new update to Privacy Sandbox for the Web, reaching  “general availability” on Chrome for the relevance and measurement APIs, a significant step on the path towards a fundamentally more private web. 

Google first introduced the Privacy Sandbox initiative across the web and Android in 2019, collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders — including publishers, developers, adtech providers, consumers, and more

What’s new? 

  • The general availability of the Privacy Sandbox APIs will enable advertisers and developers to scale usage of these new technologies within their products and services
  • Google has also rolled out new Ad privacy controls in Chrome that allow people to manage how the Privacy Sandbox technologies may be used to deliver the ads they see. These controls allow users to tailor their experience by customizing what ad topics they’re interested in, what relevance and measurement APIs they want enabled, and more. 
  • General availability means the Privacy Sandbox technologies are in a stable state, and ready for scaled use by advertising solutions to support key business use cases. Having reached this stage after extensive industry feedback, Google does not plan to make any significant changes to the API interfaces ahead of third-party cookie deprecation. Companies integrating the Privacy Sandbox APIs into their solutions can now scale their deployment and testing to assess readiness for the planned deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome in the second half of 2024.
  • Starting in Q4 of 2023, Google will enable the industry to bolster their testing efforts with the ability to simulate the deprecation of third-party cookies for a percentage of their users. Then, in Q1 of 2024, Google will turn off third-party cookies for 1 percent of all Chrome users, further establishing the environments necessary for testing the effectiveness of the Privacy Sandbox APIs. 

You can learn more about the announcement in the blog post here

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