Password Manager Adoption Soars:

Password managers are now employed by 79 million Americans to protect and access logins across the web, according to new research. Now, more than one-in-three in the U.S. use one – up significantly from one-in-five a year ago.

In their third annual research report, also found that 10 percent of adults now use security keys to protect their credentials, as the use of multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA) gains traction.

What else did find from its annual analysis of the password habits of more than 1,000 Americans?

  • Google and Apple password managers, built into their devices and browsers, now account for one-half of the market and are more popular than any other password management tools
  • Despite the rise in secure password management strategies, 41 percent of online account holders still rely on memorization to track their passwords, and 25 percent save passwords on their devices in unencrypted files or notes
  • More than one-in-four password manager users jeopardize their personal data by reusing master passwords elsewhere; people who engage in this unsafe practice are more likely to have experienced recent identity theft
  • Seventy-one percent of those without password managers are open to signing up for services in the future, signifying the market is far from saturated

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