Tech Leaders Make A Trip To Capitol Hill To Talk AI

Yesterday, the biggest names in tech made a trip to Capitol Hill for a closed-door summit on artificial intelligence:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., hosted the private AI Insight Forum in the grand Kennedy Caucus Room on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, as lawmakers sought advice from 22 AI tech giants, human rights and labor leaders about how government should regulate the new technology.

In addition to Musk, Meta CEO Zuckerberg and Microsoft co-founder Gates, ChatGPT-maker OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Google CEO Sundar Pichahi attended, as well as leaders from human rights, labor and entertainment groups.

And here’s what they allegedly said:

According to Schumer, every leader in the meeting raised their hand when asked if government should regulate AI.

“We got some consensus on some things … I asked everyone in the room, does government need to play a role in regulating AI and every single person raised their hand, even though they had diverse views,” Schumer told reporters. “So that gives us a message here that we have to try to act, as difficult as the process might be.”

That’s not the response I was expecting from them. But likely it likely is the right answer. Allen Drennan, Principal & Co-Founder, Cordoniq had this comment:

“The new privacy and security concerns of AI need to be carefully evaluated by regulators, or consumers could quickly find that every piece of data that has ever been provided to private companies and organizations is used in the training of AI models.  While this has clear benefits, such as applying AI to cold-case files in investigations, it could also be used to scrape all communications you have ever posted to the Internet, including social media, email cloud host providers and others, to gain a more exact profile of the consumer, on a mass basis. This type of advertiser information is invaluable which makes privacy regulations all that more important.”

Hopefully, there’s a thoughtful approach to AI that balances regulation to letting it do what it was designed to do. That way we can get the benefits without many of the risks.

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