Procore Announces Procore Copilot

Procore Technologies, Inc. today announced Procore Copilot, a new artificial intelligence-powered conversational and predictive experience that will provide customers the ability to automate time intensive, manual processes across the Procore Platform.

The introduction of Procore Copilot underscores the industry’s high demand for technology that can cut down on manual tasks and streamline arduous workflows. According to the 2023 How We Build Now Report, 28 per cent of total project time is spent on rework, while 18 per cent of project time is spent searching for data, significantly impacting project performance.

Procore Copilot will work in the background to flag important information and help customers operate in a more proactive and productive manner, all while running on data from within the Procore Platform. Procore Copilot acts as an extension of the project team, and can quickly search and surface information securely on web or mobile. And, two of the construction industry’s most trusted technological partners, Procore and Microsoft, are working together to extend the power of Procore Copilot enabled by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, into the Microsoft products Procore’s customers use every day.

Procore Copilot is currently under development and functionality will be rolling out in beta over the coming year.

To learn more about how Procore is revolutionizing construction workflows with AI, register for Groundbreak Live.

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