ServiceNow delivers comprehensive automation solutions with the Now Platform Vancouver release

ServiceNow has announced comprehensive new automation solutions in the Now Platform Vancouver release. The new solutions enhance security and governance, simplify critical processes in healthcare and finance, and accelerate talent transformation through AI.

As businesses across all industries face increased pressure to adapt to technological disruption and show immediate value from digital investments, they are turning to trusted partners to help them drive growth, reduce cost, and mitigate risk. The Vancouver release integrates the latest in automation technology – including powerful, new generative AI solutions – into the Now Platform to help organizations maximize productivity, improve agility, and drive cost efficiency, with the highest levels of digital trust and transparency.

Managing operational and security risk without sacrificing agility

Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, with a 38% increase in 20221. In this heightened threat landscape, boards of directors and regulators alike are pushing CEOs to evolve security plans. IT leaders can no longer rely on point solutions to mitigate the barrage of threats they face. ServiceNow’s Vancouver release empowers customers to innovate faster and operate with more agility while managing increasing security risk.

ServiceNow has continued to expand its robust security portfolio to help customers adapt to modern threats. The Now Platform enables organizations to streamline incident identification and management with intelligent automation, offers an enterprise-wide view into critical risks including vulnerabilities, issues and outages, and protects confidential data with native platform encryption, all on a single platform. The Now Platform Vancouver release represents the next step in ServiceNow’s platform-driven security approach for more resilient, secure digital business models.

ServiceNow Zero Trust Access is the latest feature in ServiceNow Vault helping customers build a zero trust framework for the Now Platform with granular authentication policies. Organizations can securely expand who can use ServiceNow by safeguarding access available to a user in a session based on various risk parameters like location, network, user risk, devices, helping protect customer and proprietary data.

To counter growing security risks beyond the IT department, ServiceNow has expanded Third- Party Risk Management to serve employees in more departments and industries, improving visualization and management of security threats from outside organizations. This is critical as nearly every organization worldwide (98%) has experienced a breach with a third-party vendor in the last two years2.

Third-Party Risk Management gives organizations a single source of truth to easily visualize risk from third-party applications, at scale, for a more holistic, streamlined approach to risk management. New innovations include automated inherent risk questionnaires and out of the box due-diligence workflows to drive greater response time and IT team productivity, as well as enhanced executive reporting for improved board-level visibility and organizational agility.

Open-source software has become commonplace for application development, but they also can introduce security risks. ServiceNow has introduced Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) management to easily process and ingest software components inventory, gain comprehensive insights into their presence within business applications, assess security risk, and drive response workflows. By extending centralized visibility for third-party and home-grown applications, SBOM gives customers the ability to more easily manage cyber risk that can accompany open-source software.

Simplifying mission-critical processes and unlocking value with intelligent automation

Companies could automate 30% of worked hours across all industries3, the majority of which include repetitive processes that are necessary for day-to-day operations but aren’t necessarily value-driving. ServiceNow’s Vancouver release allows organizations to do just that, automating manual processes so that employees can focus on more complex work, and driving ROI from digital investments with significant efficiency gains.

For example, managing the maintenance, security, and compliance needed for clinical devices diverts clinician energy from patient care to paperwork.

ServiceNow’s new Clinical Device Management (CDM) solution simplifies how healthcare providers install, service, manage, and maximize the life of devices, such as MRI and X-ray machines. CDM automates the upkeep and management of these devices, guides staff on ordering parts and identifies the best technicians for device maintenance, leading to improved patient safety and care. In addition, healthcare providers save on the maintenance expense related to critical, costly devices.

Accounts Payable Operations (APO), an enhancement to Source to Pay Operations, is now generally available as part of the Vancouver release. APO, part of ServiceNow’s Finance and Supply Chain Workflows, automates the accounts payable process, allowing teams to digitize the invoice receipt, reconciliation and payment process, which can positively impact cash flow as well as supplier relationships. With APO, customers reduce their typical manual processes costs (~$16 per invoice) by up to 80% with automation from ServiceNow.

Accelerating talent transformation with AI

The growing skills shortage and employee demand for continuous learning is pressuring businesses and HR leaders to rethink the way they train and develop talent. Seventy-seven percent of employers report difficultly in filling roles—the biggest skills gap in 17 years.4

To help leaders better meet the needs of their workforce while optimizing for the future of work, Employee Growth and Development (EGD) is generally available today. ESG uses AI to collect, validate, and continuously update employee skills data, giving leaders greater visibility and insight into workforce capabilities so they can make smarter talent decisions that fuel business growth.

New in ServiceNow’s Vancouver release, managers can create customized and trackable growth plans for employees that align skills development to career ambitions. Employees can define career aspirations, explore career options, and self-drive career progression through guided actions. AI-powered recommendations and proactive prompts foster more informed career conversations between managers and employees and empower employees to take ownership of their career development all from a single, career hub.

As a part of the Vancouver release, ServiceNow also launched Now Assist for ITSM, CSM, HRSD, and Creator to embed generative AI across all workflows on the Now Platform. With this update, every customer can accelerate productivity, improve experiences, and increase agility across every business function through the power of generative AI.

Availability: The Now Platform Vancouver release is generally available today.

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