New Data Finds Healthcare Industry Sees Spike in BEC with 279% Increase in Social Engineering Attacks

Healthcare organizations are a prime target, especially socially engineered attacks like business email compromise (BEC), which data shows is steadily increasing across the healthcare industry and is seeing a relative rise in 2023. 

Abnormal Security has released healthcare industry BEC data, revealing a 167% increase in advanced email attacks in 2023, which includes BEC, credential phishing, malware, and extortion, and a 279% increase in social engineering attacks, a significant spike from January to August.

Abnormal also provides a real-world example of an email attack impersonating the President/CEO of a healthcare network with 200+ US locations requesting all past due statements for customers, including emails for account payables departments.

For an extensive health network seeing so many patients daily, if the recipient replies with legit info and enables realistic requests for payments to be diverted into the account owned by the attacker, a successful attack could result in millions of dollars lost before the network realizes an error in its customers’ payments. 

You can read the report here:

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