In Depth: Judy Security

Here’s the thing. When it comes to cybersecurity, enterprise businesses are shown all the love because they have options galore. But Small/Medium Businesses (SMBs) don’t get the same love when it comes to cybersecurity as their options are rather limited. Not only that, they don’t have the people to focus on cybersecurity even if they did have an abundance of options. Which means that it’s more likely that SMB’s are going to get pwned by threat actors.

That’s where a company called Judy Security hopes to change things. Having been around for five years, Judy Security is completely aimed at the SMB market as that’s a huge market. And Judy Security can empower that market by using a combination of AI and Managed Service Providers/Managed Service Security Providers (which operate in the US, South Africa, India, Australia, and UK by the way) to do the heavy lifting for small businesses. Here’s a video that goes into a bit more detail on that.

Judy Security’s story is more than just cybersecurity. Representation, inclusion and diversity is important to Judy Security. Taking a look at this page illustrates that as there’s a significant amount of representation from women, visible minorities and other groups. That impressed me as there’s often a lack representation, inclusion and diversity in many companies in general, and in cybersecurity specifically.

According to Raffaele Mautone who is Judy Security’s Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Judy Security will stay out in front as nobody wants to truly take on the SMB space. That’s because the enterprise is where their competitors want to be. And the SMB space is often just a passing interest for said competitors. Thus, keeping an eye on Judy Security and where they’re going in this space and what they’re doing is a very good idea. And if you’re a small business in need of a cybersecurity security solution, Judy Security should be your first place to look.

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