Some Of Garmin’s Online Services Are Down…. Have They Been Pwned Again? [UPDATE: Fixed]

There’s a saying that endurance athletes have that relates to their use of the fitness app named Strava. If it’s not on Strava, it never happened. And many of those athletes upload their runs, rides, swims, hikes or whatever they do via Garmin Connect if they have a Garmin wearable or cycling computer.

Well, they’re not doing that today as some of Garmin’s online services are down based on Down Detector:

The Garmin Connect App:

And Garmin’s status page:

Unlike the last time that they had an outage, not everything is down. But the question has to be asked if they were pwned again. Garmin has said very little about this outage other than this:

Given the fact that they were not only pwned, and that they paid the ransom to get back online the last time that they were hacked, Garmin needs to be a whole lot more up front about what’s going on and when it will be resolved. Otherwise people will not only not trust Garmin, but make their purchasing decisions based on that trust. Or rather lack of trust.

Over to you Garmin.

UPDATE: According to Garmin’s status page, this has been fixed:

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