Elon Musk Stops Showing Headlines On Twitter Because He Thinks It Looks Better…. WTF?

I seriously think that Elon Musk lives in his own alternate reality where stuff makes sense only to him. I say that because his latest brainwave is to stop showing the headlines in articles that are in Tweets. From The Verge:

X, formerly Twitter, is no longer showing headlines on articles shared on the platform. Instead, X is only showing the article’s lead image and the domain it will link you to. The change is present on the iOS app for myself and another Verge staffer.

There’s a side by side shot in The Verge article that illustrates what this change looks like. And it illustrates how stupid this change is. Because if I am a news outlet, I am simply going to say to hell with Twitter as I can’t post my content there as people can’t engage with it easily. My guess is that Elon wants to drive any sort of news media off the platform by making this move. How that makes sense I have no idea as many people used Twitter to get the news. But this move will likely make people use Twitter less or they will not use Twitter at all. Which logic would suggest is bad for Elon. Even if he doesn’t see it that way.

I do have one question. I wonder is his puppet CEO Linda Yaccarino had any say in this decision? I’m guessing not because she doesn’t actually run Twitter. She’s just there to try and get advertisers back onto the platform. And this move will not help with that goal.

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