Reddit Announces Ads Manager Updates

There is news out from Reddit where they have introduced major updates to a set of its advertising solutions: Reddit Ads Formula, its on-demand learning hub for advertisers; and Reddit Ads Manager. 

With the rapidly evolving advertising landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential. This is why Reddit is introducing a new “Boost 2.0 Certification program,” designed to educate advertisers on everything they need to drive maximum success on Reddit. 

To make campaign management and execution more efficient, Reddit has also introduced a suite of new tools for ad managers including improved community search, campaign lifetime budget, and inline editing, among others.

Reddit Ads Manager Updates

New updates to Reddit’s Ads Manager: taking the guesswork out of community targeting on Reddit 

Reddit is continuing to invest in making the Reddit Ads Manager a best-in-class destination, and are leaning into tools and features that optimize their industry-leading contextual and interest-based advertising advantage, for all types of clients. They’re therefore pleased to announce their latest updates that allow advertisers to be even more strategic, seamless and effective in their Reddit campaign management and execution, all while tapping what makes Reddit unique.

Live now, these new tools will benefit Reddit’s small business advertisers all the way through to their enterprise clients, and are particularly geared at those looking to drive efficiency and performance on Reddit with just a few clicks.

Making it even easier to find your audience in Reddit communities 

Throughout this year Reddit has rolled out a series of features, like Keyword Suggestions, that take the guesswork out of driving successful campaigns on Reddit. Aimed at helping advertisers tap into what makes Reddit unique – our 100,000+ interest-led, discussion-rich communities – their latest Ads Manager features allow advertisers to more easily find their audience, expand their targeting, and better understand the Reddit communities most relevant to them. They include: 

  • Improved Community Search: in addition to searching specific communities by name, Reddit’s Ads Manager now allows advertisers to also search for relevant communities by topic – particularly helpful for those finding their initial audience on Reddit.
  • Targeting Suggestions: understanding that Reddit users are passionate about a wide range of passions and interests, this new feature serves up a list of additional suggested communities based off of an advertiser’s selected community target, helping them broaden their reach even further. 
  • Community Info: They’ve also added community descriptions, topic tags, estimated audience size based on membership and engagement, as well as a link to the community, to give advertisers access to all of the key details in one easy place as they set their campaign parameters. 

In addition to these new features, They’ve also invested in new administration tools to allow for more seamless campaign optimization and oversight:

  • Campaign lifetime budget: this new option in the campaign creation process allows advertisers to cap campaign spend at a predetermined amount. Once the submitted budget has been reached, all ad groups within the campaign will stop spending to ensure easy budget management.
  • Inline editing: They’ve also made it simpler to edit campaign names, bids, and budgets directly within our Ads Manager. These changes can all be made in one place, within the Ads dashboard. 

More details on today’s Reddit Ads Formula announcement are available here

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