Why Does Zoom For Mac Want Access To Data From Other Apps?

I updated to macOS Sonoma recently and so far so good. Except for this pop up that would appear when I am using Zoom:

From an Apple perspective, I know what is happening. In macOS Sonoma, Apple made a bunch of changes to make sure that apps aren’t accessing things they shouldn’t, of doing things that they shouldn’t. This is one of those changes. In short, Zoom is trying to access something that the operating system thinks it should not have access to. And as a result it is prompting you to allow it or not. This also implies that Zoom has been doing this for a while and macOS Sonoma has caught them out.

If you want to go into the weeds on these changes in macOS, this article is worth reading. Specifically the section called “Security and Privacy | Application Data Protection”.

In my case, I have said “Don’t Allow” every single time that this prompt has appeared. As far as I can tell, there has been no noticeable effect in terms of how Zoom operates. My perception is that Zoom is just asking because it wants the data for its own purposes and not to provide me with any useful functionality. But I don’t know that for sure as Zoom hasn’t said anything that I can find online in terms of what it wants access to and more importantly why. Until Zoom does say something substantive, I will continue to click on “Don’t Allow”. And if you get this prompt, you should click “Don’t Allow” as well.

Given Zoom’s rather questionable history with security and privacy, it would be in their interest to say something about this sooner rather than later. Otherwise, this will be treated with the suspicion that Zoom is up to something shady. I would like to think that Zoom doesn’t want to be seen that way. Thus they will comment on this in detail quickly.

Over to you Zoom.

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