The Issues With Rogers Email Drag On…. And I Have A Few Thoughts As To Why This Isn’t Getting Fixed

When I last wrote about Rogers and the fact that their email system which is powered by Yahoo has been anything but fully functional for months, I served up this fix that works if you subscribe to Microsoft Office 365. But that fix doesn’t help the vast majority of their users who aren’t subscribers to Microsoft Office 365. And what makes it worse is that Rogers tech support people have been clearly told to parrot the company line. Which is that webmail is an acceptable way to get your email.

Fun fact: That’s not true. Sure you can use webmail to grab your email in a pinch. But for daily usage, webmail is far from optimal.

I did promise to keep you updated on this issue because neither Rogers or Yahoo have seemed to want to do so. The thing is, neither company has had anything to say about this for months. Thus no updates from me.

I have to assume that Rogers isn’t getting email access from Yahoo for free. Thus I cannot understand why one of Canada’s largest telcos isn’t advocating for their customers to get Yahoo to address this. After all, if Rogers is paying Yahoo for this service, and not getting what they are paying for, Rogers has the right to express its displeasure and demand a resolution. Now it is entirely possible that Rogers is doing this behind the scenes and their efforts are falling on deaf ears on the Yahoo side of the fence. But there’s the possibility that Rogers simply does not care and letting their users who for whatever reason decided to use Rogers email offering twist in the wind for months because this isn’t a top of mind issue for Rogers. After all, they could argue that it’s not like their Internet offering has been down for months. It’s just email and there’s a workaround in place. Suboptimal as it is. I would like to think that isn’t the case. But I’ve been around long enough to know that this is a distinct possibility. But let’s say that this is the case, that’s a poor reflection on Rogers as clearly they don’t have their customer’s interests in mind. Now Rogers is free to prove me wrong on that by serving up a statement on this issue that I will repost the second that I get it. And that statement should include what the issue is, and when they are going to resolve it. Or what is standing in their way in terms of getting it resolved. But I have the feeling that Rogers won’t be serving up that statement as they don’t seem to be that sort of company any more.

Let’s go back to the fact that Rogers may not be getting the time of day from Yahoo. The cynic in me wonders if that’s due to the fact that when you use webmail, Yahoo bombards you with ads that they presumably make money from. And that for non-Rogers users, Yahoo offers a paid service that among other things gets rid of those ads. Thus I wonder if Yahoo wants to get paid by Rogers for the loss of that ad revenue which users won’t see if they they use a third party email client like Outlook, and Rogers simply said that they were not going pay up. If that were the case, you’d think Rogers would disclose that as it would make Yahoo look like the bad guy. Though I can also see why Rogers wouldn’t want to do that as well as that might hurt their negotiating position.

The bottom line is this. Rogers nor Yahoo seem interested in addressing this issue for any Rogers customer who has issues with their Rogers supplied email. That leaves said users with one option. Which is to abandon Rogers email offering and use something else. The majority of my reasons can be found in this article. And at this point, I suggest that there is no other option for Rogers email users who cannot get email in the manner that they want to receive it. It is clear that Rogers email users are on their own, and perhaps should follow the advice of this person who posted to the Rogers community forum about this situation:

Maybe if enough people follow this advice, this will get fixed by Rogers and Yahoo.

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