New Milestone and Features for Fortra’s DLP Solution

Fortra announced today strong advances in its Digital Guardian product line. For more than 20 years, Digital Guardian has been helping organizations protect valuable data with its enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) – a solution which has fit perfectly into Fortra’s powerful cybersecurity portfolio and is the cornerstone of Fortra’s Data Protection business. Since its acquisition two years ago, the solution has grown to support more than 5.5 million global users and is now adding security at the file level with secure collaboration.

Bringing Together Comprehensive Data Protection 

The regulatory and threat landscape is evolving so organizations need to collaborate in a seamless and secure environment, knowing their critical data is protected. Fortra’s Digital Guardian offering now includes secure collaboration to help organizations take a zero-trust approach to file security, restricting actions to only authorized users and locking down documents to prevent data leaks. 

Protecting More Customers Around the World 

Fortra’s Digital Guardian supports 600 customers worldwide and is protecting more than 5.5 million users in industries like insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and media and entertainment where securing data is a crucial business requirement.   

The solution is available as SaaS and is also offered as a managed service. Recognized as easy to deploy and achieving rapid results for customers, Fortra’s Digital Guardian scores highly on product review websites such as G2.  

Key Highlights

Other key highlights since the acquisition include:  

  • Fortra’s Digital Guardian was recognized as “Top Player” for DLP in the 2023 Radicati Market Quadrant 
  • Fortra’s Digital Guardian was named “Leader” in GigaOm Radar for DLP  
  • Fortra’s Digital Guardian won Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award for Data Leak Detection Solution of the Year
  • Fortra grew its partnership with Amazon Web Services, and now Fortra’s Digital Guardian has a public AWS Marketplace listing  
  • Fortra’s Digital Guardian produced a set of policies that enable organizations to monitor/restrict access to new online tools such as ChatGPT and the data that’s shared on them 
  • Recent updates to the Analytics and Reporting Cloud (ARC) reporting tool are designed to help threat hunters and incident responders identify, analyze, and remediate threats more effectively.  

Click here for more information about Fortra’s Digital Guardian.  

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  1. […] New Milestone and Features for Fortra’s DLP Solution | The IT Nerd>We are thrilled to announce that Fortras DLP now has a new milestone and advanced features to help protect organizations. This update provides improved security and performance with new capabilities. Fortras DLP is an advanced data loss prevention platform that helps organizations protect their sensitive data and information from unauthorized access and misuse. It provides real-time monitoring, blocking, and reporting of policy violations. The new milestone and features offer: • Increased coverage: Fortras DLP can now detect and protect data stored in cloud applications, such as Salesforce, SharePoint, and Office 365. • Enhanced visibility: Organizations now have a more comprehensive view of their data protection efforts with improved reporting and drill-down capabilities. • Enhanced performance: Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms have been added to the platform to help improve security and performance. • Enhanced security: Fortras DLP now provides an audit trail of data access and usage. We look forward to providing our customers with even better data protection for their organizations. Our next step is to expand Fortras DLP’s capabilities to our mobile and web applications. Stay tuned for more exciting features!Link: […]

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