Cyware Appoints Boyar Naito as Senior Director of Partnerships and Business Development

Cyware has announced the appointment of Boyar Naito as its new Senior Director of Partnerships and Business Development. Naito, with his extensive experience in the tech space, will provide invaluable guidance for Cyware’s business growth and partnerships.

Boyar Naito’s expertise lies at the intersection of technology and business development, where he has successfully managed and launched innovative products, forged key partnerships, and led high-performing teams throughout his career. His 15-year tenure at Google, one of the world’s most influential tech giants, has armed him with unique insights and experiences that will be invaluable for Cyware’s next phase of growth.

At Google, Naito held various leadership roles and was instrumental in spearheading numerous strategic partnerships, leaving an indelible mark on the tech industry. His decision to bring his skills and experience to Cyware underscores the company’s position.

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