Living Security Announces Key Executive Hire and New Channel Partner Program

Living Security, Inc. (“Living Security”), the global leader in Human Risk Management (HRM), announced today the launch of its channel partner program and the appointment of Peter Streips as Vice President of Channel Sales. The company’s new global channel program will open additional revenue streams, empower partners to expand their business horizons, and recognize and reward the efforts of both internal and external partners.

Bringing a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, Streips, a technology leader renowned for successfully launching, developing, and executing global channel and alliance strategies for cybersecurity and cloud computing industries, will guide the company’s channel sales strategy, fostering relationships and securing strategic collaborations. As an additional initiative, the channel program is growing Streips’ team with dedicated channel specialists to bolster partner pipeline-building endeavors, emphasizing the company’s commitment to enhancing partner benefits. 

Key features include:

  • Competitive Margins: Offering up to 30% margin for partner-sourced deals new to Living Security
  • Lead Flow: Assured lead flow to proactive partners, ensuring they can deliver robust sales, onboarding, and continuous support to clients
  • MDFs & SPIFs: Market Development Funds to increase market awareness and lucrative Sales Performance Incentive Fund (SPIF) for sales and technical teams who source net new business
  • Quarterly Incentives: Top performing partners will enjoy receiving Quarterly rebates allowing the partner to reinvest in future marketing campaigns
  • Channel Specialist: Access to a dedicated Living Security Channels Specialist to help build pipelines and acquire new customers

With an impressive background, Streips has already made notable strides by forming strategic partnerships that promise to amplify the company’s reach and impact as it launches its Living Security Partner Program. The program welcomes various partners globally across all industries, from resellers to full-service MSP/MSSPs. Living Security’s go-to-market channel partners include Defy SecurityGuidePoint SecurityOptiv, and is in the final negotiation stages of incorporating distribution into the program. 

Organizations spend billions of dollars on cybersecurity technology, yet 74% of security breaches result from human actions. Living Security, recognized by esteemed analysts such as Forrester and Gartner, prides itself on being at the forefront of the HRM platform. This novel toolset grants CISOs unparalleled real-time visibility into security discrepancies, facilitating proactive, informed decisions to protect organizations against potential threats.

For more detailed information on the Living Security Partner Program and its tiered benefits, visit

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