Flashpoint Releases Q3 Cyber Threat Intelligence Index

 Flashpoint released its Q3 Cyber Threat Intelligence Index today: https://flashpoint.io/blog/cyber-threat-intelligence-index-q3-2023/.  

For Vulnerabilities, here are some highlights from the Index:

  • 7,373 new vulnerabilities were reported in Q3 2023, and 1,167 of them were missed by the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) and National Vulnerability Database (NVD).
  • Over 37 percent of Q3’s vulnerabilities are rated high (7.0 – 10.0) according to CVSSv2. Using CVSSv3, 53 percent of Q3’s vulnerabilities would be scored high to critical.
  • Using a comprehensive source of vulnerability intelligence can help organizations better prioritize by up to 88 percent. This can be achieved by focusing on remotely exploitable issues that have public exploits and a verifiable solution.

For Data Breaches, the report shows:

  • In Q3 2023, Flashpoint identified 1,422 data breaches that resulted in 639 million records being stolen or leaked.
  • The United States continues to experience the highest number of data breaches.
  • Ransomware surpasses unauthorized access (hacking) as the leading cause of data breaches in Q3. This may be a momentary trend, as hacking historically has been the number one source of breaches.

You an download the report here: https://flashpoint.io/wp-content/uploads/Q3_CTI_Index_2023-final.pdf

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