Elon Musk’s Latest Brainwave Is That He’s Adding Video Calling To Twitter… Along With Banking

Elon Musk is really taking this “everything app” thing way too seriously. I say that because he’s adding two features. Starting with video calling that is on by default:

The feature is now being officially rolled out, Elon Musk confirmed. He said it was an “early version” of a tool he has been hinting at for a year.

Video calls are part of Elon Musk’s plans to make Twitter, which he has renamed X, into the “everything app”, offering a wide array of different functionality.

For now, video calls are limited to the iOS app, and appear to be rolling out slowly. But they are also switched on by default.

The system means that all accounts are liable to receive calls from accounts you follow, or those run by people whose number you have in your address book. To be able to call someone, they must have sent at least one direct message to your account.

Users have the option to change that setting, however, either to switch it off or to change who has the ability to make calls. From the direct message settings, users can either disable it entirely or change it so that they can receive calls from people in your address book, from people you follow, or from all “verified” users.

Making phone calls is limited to premium subscribers, who pay the monthly subscription for what was once called Twitter Blue.

This makes no sense to me because this market is so saturated. Skype, WhatsApp, and other options already exist. So what value does Elon’s offering offer? None in my mind. But he’s not done. He also wants to replace your bank:

Elon Musk wants X to be the center of your financial world, handling anything in your life that deals with money. He expects those features to launch by the end of 2024, he told X employees during an all-hands call on Thursday, saying that people will be surprised with “just how powerful it is.”

“When I say payments, I actually mean someone’s entire financial life,” Musk said, according to audio of the meeting obtained by The Verge. “If it involves money. It’ll be on our platform. Money or securities or whatever. So, it’s not just like send $20 to my friend. I’m talking about, like, you won’t need a bank account.”

X CEO Linda Yaccarino said the company sees this becoming a “full opportunity” in 2024. “It would blow my mind if we don’t have that rolled out by the end of next year,” Musk said.

The company is currently working on locking down money transmission licenses across the US so that it can offer financial services. Musk told employees Thursday that he hopes to get the others X needs in “the next few months.”

I don’t know who would trust a narcissistic temperamental man child with their money. I wouldn’t. And I don’t think that anyone else should. Because given the way that Elon has run Twitter, it is highly likely that your money will go up in smoke.

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