Twitter Is Found To Have Not Addressed Hate Speech Related To The Israel/Gaza Conflict

The cesspool of hate speech that is Twitter has an old foe reappear to point it that it’s failing miserably at controlling hate speech. The Hill is reporting that Twitter isn’t removing hate speech related to the Israel/Gaza conflict as observed by the CCDH. Now if the CCDH sounds familiar, they should. They’re the group that got sued by Elon and clowns for calling them out on Twitter’s lack of will when it comes to stopping hate speech on Twitter. Here’s the TL:DR on the CCDH’s latest observations:

CCDH researchers reported 200 posts promoting hate speech, including antisemitism, Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian hate, using X’s own tools on Oct 31. A week later, 196 of the posts were still hosted on X, according to the report.  

The 200 posts reported were all posted after Hamas’ attacks on Israel on Oct. 7, and the majority directly addressed the conflict between Israel and Hamas.  

The posts that remained up accrued more than 24 million views collectively, according to the report.  

The 200 posts were published by 101 separate X accounts. According to CCDH, only one of the accounts was suspended and two of the accounts were “locked,” which meant they were unable to post content until removing the reported posts. 

Of the 101 accounts identified in the study, 43 were verified users through X’s monthly subscription platform, according to the report. Users that pay for the X monthly subscription get additional features, including a verified check mark.  

Imran Ahmed, the CEO and founder of CCDH, said the report to test X’s content moderation system capacity, “reveals that hate actors appear to have free rein to post viciously antisemitic and hateful rhetoric on Elon Musk’s platform.” 

Elon loves to complain that reports like these are driving advertisers from the platform and giving Twitter a bad name. But advertisers wouldn’t leave the platform and Twitter wouldn’t have a bad name if Elon did something about hate speech on the platform. But of course he won’t address this problem because he’s clearly fine with that. Which I guess tells you all you need to know about the character of Elon Musk and anyone who works for him in any area of responsibility at Twitter, like his puppet CEO Linda Yaccarino for example. At the end of the day, if when Twitter fails, it will be Elon’s fault for not addressing issues like this.

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