CISA’s Puts Out An AI Roadmap To Protect Critical Infrastructure

CISA has unveiled a new AI Roadmap document to guide its efforts to protect critical infrastructure from the risks presented by AI, to prevent malicious use of the technology and expand AI expertise among its workforce.

The agency said it will use AI-enabled software to fortify cyber defenses and support its critical infrastructure mission, while coordinating with other government and industry partners in developing, testing and evaluating AI tools. CISA’s efforts will also include:

  • Launching a website, JCDC.AI, to manage AI threat and vulnerability responses
  • Assessing and assisting with ‘secure by design’ AI software adoption
  • Providing best practices and guidance for AI development and implementation
  • Formalizing recommendations for the red-teaming of generative AI
  • Sharing its findings with interagency, international partners and the public

Lastly, the agency intends to grow its internal AI expertise through recruitment and by educating its existing workforce on AI systems.

Mike Barker, CCO, HYAS had this comment:

   “CISA’s launch of JCDC.AI showcases a strategic commitment to fortify cyber defenses and mitigate risks associated with AI in critical infrastructure and is a tangible step toward managing AI threats with precision. This initiative aligns seamlessly with CISA’s holistic approach, as evidenced by their ongoing efforts. From championing ‘secure by design’ AI software adoption to providing best practices and guidance, they are setting a benchmark in cybersecurity. Their dedication to red-teaming generative AI and sharing insights with interagency, international partners, and the public speaks volumes.”

This is yet another good move by the CISA as it shows that they are trying to get in front of potential threats before they become actual threats. What we all need to do is to pay attention to what they’re doing.

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