GuidePoint Security’s October 2023 Ransomware Report Is Out

GuidePoint Security has released the GuidePoint Research and Intelligence Team’s (GRIT) October 2023 Ransomware Report, revealing a 32% decrease in ransomware victims. The report analyzes ransomware by country, industry/threat actor trends, and notable events, including:

  • The US, still the most impacted nation by victim count, experienced an 83% decrease since last month. Germany saw a massive 76% decline. The UK saw 43% more than its average across 2023. Iran stood out this month, with October representing its second-highest monthly total.
  • Once again, manufacturing was the most targeted industry, and retail came in second. Ransomware groups regularly target the sensitive education and healthcare verticals, which saw a slight but notable decrease of 14% yet continue to appear in the top five.
  • LockBit’s ransomware victim count was 24% lower than its average monthly count in 2023. In October, the threat actor spotlight was on NoEscape, whose victims saw an almost 50% increase. In addition, Alphv’s activity decreased by 44%

You can read the full report here.

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