Open Systems Secure Web Gateway as a Service Brings New Security and SaaS Simplicity to Zero Trust Access

Open Systems today announced the general availability of its Secure Web Gateway as a Service offering. Open Systems Secure Web Gateway is a cloud-based, comprehensive web security solution that combines advanced threat protection, secure access controls and intelligent web filtering to provide organizations with a secure and productive web browsing experience. As with all Open Systems’ offerings, Secure Web Gateway comes with 24/7 support from exclusively level-3 engineers, which means customers can rely on top-of-the-line expertise.

Open Systems Secure Access Experience revolutionizes secure network access. It simplifies connections for hybrid workforces, maximizes secure access investments, and ensures availability and security. Secure Access Experience allows businesses to focus on revenue-generating activities, adapt to changing needs, and gain control and confidence. In today’s complex environment, the platform provides cost-effective secure access and improved business outcomes.

Open Systems Secure Web Gateway as a Service key features include:

  • Flexible deployment options: Secure Web Gateway can be independently deployed from Open Systems backbone, a customer’s cloud platforms or their premises. This allows for the best performance and cost-effectiveness by respectively setting security controls as close as possible to the users and leveraging the customer’s existing investments.
  • Threat protection: The service uses real-time threat intelligence and advanced web filtering to detect and block malicious URLs, phishing attempts, malware, and other web-based threats. It helps prevent data breaches, infections, and data exfiltration by proactively identifying and stopping malicious content before it reaches your network.
  • Content filtering and policy management: Organizations’ web access policies are tailored to their needs using Open Systems intuitive management interface. Control and enforce browsing rules based on user profiles, content categories, and more. This empowers you to manage web access efficiently while promoting compliance with your organization’s security policies.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: Gain valuable insights into your organization’s web traffic and security posture through detailed reporting and analytics. Monitor user behavior, track web usage patterns, and identify potential security gaps to proactively address threats.

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