Vista SP1 Delayed – Sort Of, Kind Of….

With all the turmoil around Windows Vista these days (like lack of adoption, class action lawsuits to name a couple of things), it really doesn’t help Microsoft any by announcing that SP1 which was promised to remedy many of the issues with Windows Vista is now going to be delayed to some degree. According to this blog posting, Nick White who is the unfortunate chap that has the title of Product Manager for Windows Vista (which has to be one of the worst jobs EVER one would think), Vista SP1 will be rolled out like this:

 “We will be releasing Windows Vista SP1 in two “waves”. The first wave will only provide Windows Vista SP1 to Windows Vista Ultimate PCs running the following 5 Languages: English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. The second wave will follow shortly after – supporting all 36 languages.”

While this doesn’t sound like a big deal, consider this: This is the latest problem to crop up with Vista SP1. The service pack in question has already been held responsible for killing or interfering with security apps (like anti-virus utilities) and has been tied to issues where PC’s can’t boot properly after the service pack is applied. It isn’t widely available yet and already it’s garnered some negative press.

It almost makes you want to switch to Mac now doesn’t it?

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