Vista Capable Lawsuit – It’s Mainstream Now

I mused last week that if the Vista Capable class action lawsuit went mainstream, the perception of Microsoft by the general public might change. Well now that this story hit the New York Times, we’ll find out if that’s the case or not. The Times details the latest e-mails to be unsealed in the lawsuit where Dell Computer Corporation says in presentations things like “Late OS code changes broke drivers and applications, forcing key commodities to miss launch or limp out with issues” (translation: many devices won’t work because Microsoft made last minute changes to Vista) and “Stronger messaging regarding hardware requirements (the bar was set too low when Aero was dropped as a requirement for Vista Capable).” (translation: Microsoft dropped the ball in communicating what hardware you truly needed to run Vista well)

I think the most damming item is the fact that Microsoft had two logos for Vista compatibility. Dell’s response to this was “[The dual logo] adds another level of complexity to an already complex story, which in turn will create confusion for our customers, both corporate and consumer. ” Sound familiar? (scroll to the bottom to the text “Retailers too were irked by Microsoft’s “Vista Capable” campaign.”)

Well this explains a bunch of things. Most notably why Dell pushes Windows XP as an option on many of it’s computers, or LINUX on many other computers. I wonder how Microsoft is going to spin this?

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