Look Out Microsoft! Apple Is Coming!

I guess all of those Apple ads are working as research firm NPD has noted that Apple’s sales continue to outpace the industry in February. In short, Apple’s Mac shipments grew 60 percent in February compared with the same period last year, while the entire market grew just 9 percent. Notebooks were the primary source this growth, with shipments up 64 percent compared with a 20 percent gain for the overall market. But desktop shipments weren’t far behind. iMac and Mac Pro shipments were up 55 percent compared with last year, while industry desktop shipments declined 5 percent. These numbers seem to say that people are switching to Mac in huge numbers and are either adding them to environments with existing PCs, or replacing those PCs outright. If you want some detailed analysis of these numbers, take a surf over to Appleinsider.com.

It’s kind of ironic that this news appears the same day that research indicates that Apple’s “Reality Distortion Field” actually exists. Apparently, even subliminal exposure to the Apple logo can make you “think different.” Researchers at Duke University subjected participants to subliminal images of the iconic Apple and IBM logos (during what subjects thought was a visual acuity test), and those who were shown the Apple logo generated more creative ideas after the test than did those who were shown the IBM logo.

If Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hears about this, there might be a few chairs going airborne in Redmond. He could only wish to have those marketshare numbers and that sort of influence with the Microsoft logo.

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  1. Well not much for microsoft to be scared for we own Apple.

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