India To RIM: Allow Us To Snoop On BlackBerry Messages OR ELSE!

This must be the day of “bloody stupid ideas.” India’s Department Of Telecom has given carriers that offer BlackBerry service 15 days to give the government the means to look at BlackBerry Messages at will, or they will shut it down. This order also requires them to work out a “fool-proof security system” (whatever that means). This has hit the mainstream media herehere, and here. My thoughts? RIM better not cave in to these fools. If they do, every government is going to line up for the same level of access which hurts RIM. After all, one of the reasons why the BlackBerry is #1 for push e-mail is the fact that it’s secure. Take that away and it takes away a prime reason why I should use one. Not to mention that Microsoft with it’s DirectPush technology, and anything else that encrypts messages in transit the way RIM does will be next on the list. That my friends is bad for us all. 

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