Bell Canada Gets Hit By Another CRTC Complaint

I am overjoyed that Bell is getting slapped with a second complaint about it’s traffic shaping practices. I found this link (Warning: PDF) on the CRTC website today where someone named Jean-Francois Mezei who has a website called Vaxination Informatique says:

“Bell Canada is has introduced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technologies that inspect private data to discriminate on the performance of point to point circuits and thus limits full transparent access to the ADSL loops as mandated by the CRTC”

This comes one week after the CAIP filed a similar (Warning: PDF) complaint against Bell. This latest complaint is interesting as it seems to come from an individual rather than an ISP, which may get the CRTC’s attention. A few more of these and Bell will have a problem justifying its behavior to anybody.

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