Primus To CRTC: Stop The Bell Throttling

Primus has joined the fray in trying to stop Bell Canada from throttling its wholesale customers. In the filing that was posted today (warning: PDF attached) they make the following points:

  • They request the CRTC at least for the interim order that Bell turn the throttling off. This is a really great move as CRTC could (and would) simply let Bell Canada continue throttling while this process continues.
  • Point 12 is a key point – Market forces alone cannot address the competitive impact Bell is unilaterally imposing on wholesalers. For example, prior to throttling ISPs could offer different offerings than Bell by doing things like Teksavvy has done with their “Preminum” DSL service. This made them more attractive than Bell (not to mention Rogers). The throttling has basically leveled the playing field.

Hopefully the CRTC takes those points into account before they slap Bell silly.


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