Ballmer Says Vista “A Work In Progress”

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was quoted in this article as saying that Vista a “work in progress,” acknowledging some of the mistakes Microsoft made in rolling out the latest version of Windows and hinting that they’re considering keeping XP on the shelves a bit longer for people who still don’t want to upgrade (like MOST PEOPLE).

“In the meantime, we have some customers — a lot of customers — using Vista. A lot of customers. And we have a lot of customers that are choosing to stay with Windows XP. And as long as those are both important options, we will be sensitive and we will listen and we will hear that. I got a piece of mail from a customer the other day that talked about not being able to get XP anymore. We responded, XP is still available. And I know we’re going to continue to get feedback from people on how long XP should be available. We’ve got some opinions on that, we’ve expressed our views.”

The only reason to keep XP on the shelves is because the revenue stream from Vista isn’t as good as Ballmer had hoped. So he needs some way to keep the cash coming in or his shareholders will get really mad at him (read: He’ll get replaced). After all your only other choice if XP goes bye-bye is to buy a Mac.

Oh wait… People ARE buying Macs in ever increasing numbers according to this story. Seeing those numbers must make Ballmer want to throw a few chairs across the room.

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