International BroadBand Rankings Out…. Sucks To Be Canada

Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice once mentioned that Canada’s broadband offering is among the best in the world. However, he’s really mistaken.

New data released by the ITIF (the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation) shows that Canada ranks 11th in the world. While that’s better than the US who clocked in at 15th place. It shows that Canada isn’t as advanced as it thinks it is and a lot more work needs to be done.

To take a look at the rankings click here (Warning: PDF). The full report can be found here (Warning: PDF). Both links are REALLY SLOW right now.

Of course Jim Prentice is the same guy who has done nothing about throttling by Canadian ISP’s, so the fact that he thinks that our broadband is among the best in the world shows how far his head is stuffed up his rectum out of touch with reality he is.

It’s time for him to enter the real world.

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